Your project in Australia: New start-up visa and funding

(For IT, digital business, and blockchain projects)

In March 2018, Australian government announced a new visa for technology start-ups. Foreign start-ups (including fintech and blockchain) are able to obtain this four-year visa (with the prospect of becoming a permanent resident of Australia after three years of staying here). There is no requirement for own capital (local incubators and accelerators help to obtain funds), and requirements for knowledge of English are reduced (IELTS – 5 points). To catch this lucky chance you must be under 45 years of age, with education in IT, technology, engineering or mathematics, and relevant business experience not less than three years. Mew visa is the part of the Global Talent Scheme, and it will commence with a pilot period from July 2018 to June 2019 in South Australia only.

A key factor in obtaining new start-up visa and funding for your project is a real business plan to start a successful business venture in Australia, and your project’s approval from one of the state’s incubators (accelerators). We will conduct a feasibility study and prepare the business plan of your project, including:

  • Performing an express-analysis of your project to find out the most suitable incubator or accelerator that will officially support the project, and make all necessary adjustments and improvements of the project.
  • Carrying out the local market’s research (if necessary, markets of other proposed countries).
  • Modeling the optimal parameters of the project to implement its feasibility study.
  • Developing a professional business plan of the required format and apply to an incubator or accelerator for approval.

Email a Letter of Interest and a brief Summary of your project to