Do you plan a crowdfunding campaign (ICO/CSF) for your blockchain project?

The registered agent (registration No 41189) of the Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC) is here to expertly guide you through the main steps of launching your ICO through:

  • Regulatory & Compliance Procedures
  • Token Model Optimization
  • Smart Paperwork (white paper, roadmap, contracts)
  • ICO Campaign Marketing & Management
  •  ICO compliance is a priority from the start

AML, KYC, ICO, transginancesolutions

  • Analysis for potential regulatory compliance for the ICO
  • Review of the regulator’s rules
  • Forward-thinking AML/KYC solutions
  • Design of the token ecosystem is a key to success

token, ICO, transfinancesolutions

  • Is the token utility or security (ICO vs. CSF)?
  • The project ecosystem with the built-in token
  • The token issuing, distribution, and liquidation
  • Making ICO papers stand out

white paper, roadmap, contracts ICO

  • The white paper that captures investors’ interests
  • The roadmap with the measured performance
  • Contracts that guarantee future protection for you and your team
  • Planning and carrying out the ICO campaign

ICO, planning, transfinancesolutions

  • Digital marketing solutions
  • Financial planning & Tax optimization
  • Investor protection measures
  • The ICO process is free of unexpected legal problems

And we’ll bring investors to your ICO presale!