Real Estate & Asset Protection

 In Australia, general benefits of real estate investments include tax benefits, regular and profitable cash flow and capital growth. There are some special and attractive characteristics of investing in real estate :

  • Higher profitability and liquidity investing in some locations and some kinds of properties
  • Capital growth from negative gearing due to the Australian taxation regime
  • Land capitalization because of the possibility of changing the zone
  • Increasing land value by subdivisions and zoning changing.

TransFinanceSolutions facilitate all stages of real estate transactions through the comprehensive search in Land Titles Office, checking encumbrances and easements, and studying councils’ plans.

Asset protection of real estate transactions in Australian policy to support foreign investment, including:

  • Depository accounting of investment deposits by The Australian Securities & Investments Commission -ASIC
  • Lawfully constructed protective entities (Limited Partnerships, Managed Property Funds, and Trusts)
  • Tax exemption for reinvested profits
  • Taxation of dividends at the rate of 10%
  • No precedents of confiscation or capital transfers (including income and dividends) restrictions
  • Low risks of third-party access to business information (Privacy Act 1988 and Freedom of Information Act 1982).

Trans Finance Solutions services in Real Estate & Asset Protection include:

  • Pre-purchase advice
  • Feasibility studies & cost planning
  • Research regarding zoning
  • Estimation of development possibilities
  • Local council controls & planning issues

We advise on and facilitate real estate transactions in the residential, commercial and hotel markets at Australia major destinations, creating the best opportunities for our customers.